Connecting to the Web

connecting to the webBecause it takes more that just a website to show up in search, basic web connections for every new website are a must.

My skills include creating the simple basics of matching a website with links around the web, for a solid marketing start:

Registering the website with Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Opening Google Accounts with consistent bios:

  • g+ and social media – headers and connections to all accounts.
  • Google for Business – a must for any business. Local business maps.
  • YouTube Account – header and good channel SEO. Loading videos with good SEO.
  • Analytics – for keeping track of who is visiting your site and where they came from.
  • identification, a must or any local business.
  • Geo targeting, a must for local businesses: Locations KML file and formatted hCard.

Registering for Webmaster Tools at both Bing and Google to keep track of what the site is doing.

Registering with Local Directories, citations are also a must for local businesses.

Third Party email marketing with aWeber or MailChimp.

  • Email optin forms on page.
  • Email marketing campaigns.

A firm marketing plan for all web connections start on a gradient scale. Every plan is set to each clients specific needs.