LuckyDog and Slyde the Playground Hound in Nephi, Utah

playground safety - Slyde the Playground HoundNephi Utah –  June 15, 2015    Slyde The Playground Hound will bring his “Play Smart – Play Safe” message to the Nephi, Utah Canyon View Ball Park Celebration.

“Play Smart – Play Safe”

The purpose of Slyde’s “Play Smart – Play Safe” visit is to tech children their role in playing safe and avoiding hazards on and around playground equipment.

“Slyde the Playground Hound is an animated character that children identify with and listen to. He presents a message of safe play that is entertaining and fun.

“We are bringing Slyde to the celebration to tech children that most playground injuries are unintentional, yet preventable by taking common sense steps for safe play,” said Nicole Stoddard of LuckyDog Recreation, who installed the playground equipment at the park.

Nephi Canyon View Park

The newly renovated park boasts two new age merry-go-rounds and two swing sets. Each spinning merry-go-round is unique in it’s own right. The Dyanmo Apollo® Climbing Spinner is a rope-based toy that can accommodate 35 laughing kids at one time. The solid base floor is perfect for those with disabilities. The Playcraft® GYRO-POD spinner is as wild and fun as it looks. This spinner provides dynamic spinning action for six to twelve children at a time.

“Swing sets are still a playground favorite. Swings are great fun, and help children develop physically and socially. From an early age children enjoy the movement and the delight of swinging to their heart’s content,”  said Stoddard.

Phillip Baker

“Working with Philip Baker, Nephi City Parks Superintendent, is inspiring. Mr. Baker has a remarkable passion for creating play space and recreational activities for his community. It shows in his choice of playground equipment…something for everyone. Thanks to him, Slyde will be at the celebration teaching playground safety,” added Stoddard

Mark your calendars for family fun! Come and meet Slyde on Monday June 15, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. The Canyon View Ball Park is located at 100 N. 600 E.

The celebration will start with new ball field lighting donor appreciation and new playground and pavilion ribbon cutting. Activities include games, free hot dogs, root beer and chips. At dusk there will be a free movie in the park; “Million Dollar Arm.”

About Slyde The Playground Hound

Slyde is available to teach playground safety at your school or celebration.

You can also visit Slyde at

Nicole Stoddard
1251 N 3700 E
PO Box 603
Ashton, ID 83420
Ph: 1-800-388-2196

Playground Safety in Utah