Utah Business in Mona – Gaydean’s Sweet Art

Last week week we were on our way to Nephi to do a video shoot when we came across Gaydean’s Sweet Art. To say the least it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. This small Utah Business had everything we could ask for.

To start the restaurant was very clean and I loved the layout. We had to stop and look at all of the yummy sweets. I think I must have gained at least 10 lbs just looking ant the brownies and sweet rolls.

Gaydean’s featured locally made bread from Kneadn’ Bread located in Elk Ridge. We bought 3 loaves of this wonderful bread. There are no preservatives and some of the bread is made with organic sunflower oil.

Business in UtahNow for the sandwiches! The concept is similar to Subway. They come on a long delicious sandwich roll and you choose your toppings.

Houweling's Business in UtahMy favorite topping was the tomatoes, grown right in Mona at the Houweling’s greenhouse. Now I am sold on these tomatoes and had to buy some extras to bring home.

You have to go and check out Gaydean’s Sweet Art. Whether you pull off the freeway at Mona or make this a fun destination point, you will be glad you did.

Gaydean’s Sweet Art
15 S Main St Nephi, UT 84648
(435) 623-0132
P.S. They also serve yummy BYU ice cream.