WordPress Site Design and Setup

As you know, action is the purpose of every business website. Getting a potential customer to take action takes several factors:

Good SEO – the customer must find your site…yes I know this is a no-brainer.
Good Looks – your site must be inviting. This involves color and layout.
Right Place – the customer must immediately know he has found what he is searching for.
Information – clear, concise information that is easy to read helps the potential customer choose you.
Navigation – the site must have excellent navigation.
Call To Action – your navigation must make it easy for your customer to take action.

kf-1KimbaFit.com – Kimba needed a simple calling card website that quickly reflected her business. This WordPress site is done with a very clean dynamic look and a very simple call to action.


Tangaro LawTangaroLaw.com¬† – There is a lot of information on this site that is specific to Ms. Tangaro’s clients, making it important to have several ways for that information to stand out and creating the need for several different entrance points to the information.


top of the rock wrestling clubTopoftheRockWrestling.com – This non-profit website is new. The club is growing and just moving into their wrestling season. The site is built to meet the expansion needs of the club.


Utah Web Design for LuckyDogLuckyDogRecreation.com – The playground industry is very competitive so going strictly local was a good choice that paid off for the client. A good “Unique Selling Position” has made them stand out against their competitors.


Clarion Gardens ClarionEventCenter.com – This deep site has a very unique look. The fly-in pictures and information keeps the interest of visitors. With just a few days of opening up the site for visitors the client reported getting new business generated from the site.


mm logo 180MountainMassageHeber.com – This is the second site I have built for this client. Although she has definite ideas about what she likes, she is easy to work with. She provided all of the pictures and text for this site.


Family DentalErramouspeDental.com – Doctor Erramouspe moved into a new office and wanted a website that only created an online presence. This site reflects the the simple clean design he asked for.


WebPressUtahLogo11WebPressUtah.com – For my joint venture with my sister I built this simple website that gives everything you need to know in a quick and concise. Although the site works well on mobile devices I created a distinctly mobile site for this domain.

pizza-furiosa-logoPizzaFuriosa.com – This is one gorgeous site! the photographs and layout are so dynamic. Even though there is a lot going on, it is easy to navigate and take action.


Utah Web Design - Logo for Michelle L Diamond EmeraldLawUtah.com – Utah Criminal Defense Attorney, Michelle L. Diamond, needed a new cleaner more interactive website with clear call to action buttons for both the phone and desktop. Because most of her traffic comes in via the phone this site works well.

Mobile Websites

Often local businesses need simple websites with tap to call buttons. Most local search is done to get specific information quickly. A good mobile site will give exactly that information and also connect to the full responsive website.

Check out these mobile websites from your smart phone.




Content Writing

There is no doubt that content is the key to every website. Great content gets the viewer to stop and read. Great content gets the viewer to take action. And great content is found by Google.

I have written all of the content for these sites:

WebPress Utah

Kimba Fit

Pizza Furiosa

Clarion Gardens 

I have written all of the content for theses sites with the exception of a few blog posts. These clients have been trained to run their own sites.

Tangaro Law

LuckyDog Recreation

Press Releases

Using press releases to get the news out works exceptionally well for local businesses, especially in small geographically areas. Most local papers are begging for news. Also press releases can give back-links to your websites.

LuckyDog Recreation

LuckyDog Recreation Unleashes Rope-based Playground Equipment in Idaho

Matt Nielson Disability Law

Social Security Administration Expedites the Disability Process for Only a Select Few Veterans

Video Production and SEO

There is much more to video production and marketing than meets the eye. Pulling together ideas and making them work on the web, must take several things into consideration:

  • The purpose of the video: Promotion – Product Introduction – Testimonial – Explainations – Training – Business Introduction.
  • Keywords you are targeting. Just like all of your other web properties, video needs good SEO.
  • SEO on YouTube and other video channels. Interestingly, this is most often missed SEO property, even by SEO companies.

631592003810555778Just like all other Google properties, YouTube has been evolving. The recent changes have been huge!

To see videos click here.